This page specifies all the available services

Each of the services is version and we promise only to add stuff (and fix bugs) on existing versions. If something is going away or a name is changed, we will publish a new version. We promise to keep any of our services alive for at least three years from release.

  • CRM Service Version 1.4 Service for handling CRM requests in TimeLog (released December 2014)
  • Expenses Service Version 1.0 Service for handling expense requests in TimeLog (released July 2013)
  • Financial Service Version 1.3 Financial service for pricelists, currencies and services (released October 2015)
  • Invoicing Service Version 1.1 Service for handling invoicing in TimeLog (released August 2013)
  • Organisation Service Version 1.7 Exposes methods needed to handle organizational data through the API (released March 2015)
  • Project Management Service Version 1.7 Service for handling projects and time registrations in TimeLog (released Nov 2017)
  • Salary Service Version 1.1 Service for handling salary requests in TimeLog (released February 2017)
  • Security Service Version 1.2 Service for authentication in TimeLog (released September 2013)
  • Transaction Service Version 1.0 Exposes methods needed to handle transaction logging through the API (released June 2013)