Familiarize yourself with the security measures in the Transactional API in order to not hit any security boundaries.

All access to the Transactional API require a security token that is an information bearer for the authenticated user. Credentials from all normal TimeLog users can be used to obtain a security token. Currently, no special API credentials are available.

Please be aware that you CANNOT use the reporting API credentials (Site Code, API ID and API Password).

The Security Service gives access to the GetToken-method for obtaining a security token. The token should be treated as an immutable object, none of the data should be changed in any way. Any change would render the token invalid and require a new one to be obtained.

The token is in most cases valid for 12 hours, but use the token property "Expires" to ensure that you reuse the token as long as possible before renewing.

If you are not using the SDK, then you need to take care about the namespace of the token. You might need to copy the contents of the token from one namespace to another. This namespace mapping is already a part of the SDK. Accessing for example ProjectManagementHelper.Instance.Token will automatically map SecurityService.Instance.Token (ensure that you have a successful result from the TryAuthenticate-method first).