Synchronizing TimeLog data with your data warehouse

With the reporting API you are able to synchronize most of the TimeLog data objects into your data warehouse or similar for further processing.

This page will guide you through the basic setup for a single TimeLog resource. In order to generate more comprehensive reports based on more TimeLog resources, we recommend that you find a consultant with expertise in Microsoft Power BI.

In order to replicate TimeLog data (specifically time registrations) to your data warehouse or similar we recommend the following procedure to ensure consistent data without heavy API usage:

  • Every quarter fetch and sync the full data set in batches by month
  • Every month fetch and sync the last 3 months of data
  • Every week fetch and sync the last 4 weeks of data
  • Every day fetch and sync the last 7 days of data

Note that you might need to adjust the intervals and periods to fit the data discipline in your TimeLog instance.

Usage limits

Please refer to our usage limits section

Alternative for time registrations

Another possibility for synchronization of time registrations is to use the GetWorkChangesPaged-method within the latest ProjectManagementService in the transactional API.