Personal Access Tokens

Personal access token (PAT) can be used as an alternative to password to access the TimeLog REST APIs

Create a personal access token (PAT)

This page provides the step-by-step guide to create a new personal access token (PAT).

1. Sign in to your TimeLog web app (https://app[x][account name]).
2. Change your browser URL to You will be redirected to the personal access token (PAT) page.

3. Click on the [+ New Token] button.
4. Provide a name to your token. The token expiration is always set as 180 days (approx. 6 month validity).

5. Click on the [Save] button to generate a new PAT token. Make a copy of your new token string as we do not store it.

Use a PAT to consume the TimeLog REST APIs with POSTMAN

6. You're now able to use the PAT to consume the TimeLog REST APIs.