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GET Method Details for SearchForTimeTrackingOrderByRecentRegistration.

Search for project that the user can register time on (Result is ordered by recent registration)


https://app[x][account name]/api/v{version}/project-header/search-for-time-tracking-order-by-recent-registration


  • searchText string Project name or project number
  • searchAll boolean if set to true [search all].
  • version string The requested API version


  • [200] A list of project header
    • Customer object Gets or sets the customer.
    • CustomerID integer Gets or sets the customer identifier.
    • ExpenseIsBillable boolean Gets or sets a value indicating whether [expense is billable].
    • ID string Gets or sets the identifier.
    • Name string Gets or sets the name.
    • No string Gets or sets the no.
    • ProjectID integer Gets or sets the project identifier.
      "CustomerID": 0,
      "ExpenseIsBillable": false,
      "ID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
      "Name": "",
      "No": "",
      "ProjectID": 0
  • [401] Invalid authentication token
  • [500] Request to SearchForTimeTrackingOrderByRecentRegistration has failed
    • Code integer Gets the code.
    • Details array Gets the details.
    • Message string Gets the message.
    • Parameters string Gets the parameters.
    • Url string Gets the URL.
      "Code": 0,
      "Details": "",
      "Message": "",
      "Parameters": "",
      "Url": ""