Preinstall document for the customer

This document outlines the requirements and information necessary for TimeLog to carry out the install and configuration of the FinancialHost middleware in the best and fastest possible way.

This document should be prefilled by the customer CFO and/or ERP responsible.

Contact Details
Primary contact for questions regarding integration flows (name, title, phone and email)
Secondary contact for questions regarding integration flows (name, title, phone and email)
Contact information to existing NAV partner
Which exact version of NAV do you have? ▢ NAV 2013
▢ NAV 2013 R2
▢ NAV 2015
▢ NAV 2016
▢ NAV 2017
▢ Other:
Should an extended invoice specification (PDF) be attached to invoices? ▢ Yes ▢ No
Which system should be master for customers and contacts? ▢ TimeLog
▢ Both, sync both ways
Which detail level (G/L or dimensions) are needed on for invoice lines?
Who in the organization has ownership of customer information?
Describe the current NAV invoicing flow (e.g. prepare a short step-by-step demo in your current setup)
Describe the current NAV IT infrastructure (e.g. cloud setup, dev-staging-production setup)
List all NAV dimensions related to sales transactions Global 1:
Global 2:
Should expenses/supplier invoices be imported from NAV to TimeLog? ▢ Yes ▢ No
- If yes, state which G/L accounts these are posted on
Default Values
State default country when importing customers to TimeLog
In the case, there the country abbreviation cannot be resolved between TimeLog and NAV
▢ DK
▢ SE
▢ UK
▢ Other:
State default VAT percent
Currently, the integration cannot resolve the NAV VAT price group and find the correct VAT on customers automatically
▢ 25%
▢ Other:
Which existing customer would serve as template for new customer created from TimeLog?