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Method Details for GetCustomerCommentsRaw.

Gets a list of comments associated to a particular customer




  • siteCode String Unique identification for your TimeLog account
  • apiID String The API ID
  • apiPassword String The API password
  • customerID Integer Customer ID of customer to list all associated comments or pass 0 to query from all customer
  • customerStatusID Integer Customer statusID, or 0 to list accross all customer status
  • accountManagerID Integer Account manager ID, or 0 to list accross all account managers
  • fromDate DateTime (yyyy-MM-dd) Limits result to comments created on or later than this date
  • toDate DateTime (yyyy-MM-dd) Limits result to comments created on or prior to this date


A list of customer comment objects in XML


The result comment is sort by customer name, then by newest comment first to oldest comment last