Invoice Line Export

Download the invoice line export file using the specifications below. Notice that fetching the file will execute exactly the same methods as the internal one. Invoice lines will only be exported once etc. - this state is shared between the file services and the interface. The export format will be CSV and follow the same rules as is setup inside the system administration.


https://app[x][account name]/api/fileservices/invoicelinesexport.aspx


All parameters need to be included as querystrings

  • SiteCode required Reporting API site code, request it in the system administration
  • UserID required Reporting API User ID
  • Password required Reporting API Password
  • Type required Use one of the three options: 1 (Export invoice lines that have not been exported before), 2 (Export invoice lines that have been previously exported), 3 (Re-run previous transaction)
  • PeriodStart - Start date to fetch from (yyyyMMdd), required if type 1 or 2
  • PeriodEnd - Start date to fetch to (yyyyMMdd), required if type 1 or 2
  • TransactionID - ID of the transaction, required if type 3